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Chella's Oracle

A Place For Answers

A place for answers
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To find the answers hidden beyond our reach
This is a place to find answers.

Ask your question and choose from which deck you would like a reading.
You have 3 choices:

The Faerie Oracle (ask the faeries for insite on your journey)
The Heart of Faerie Oracle (great for relationship questions)
Shadowscapes Tarot (A deck with a little more structure, great for the answers to lifes burning questions)

After you've chosen which deck calls to you decide how many cards sounds right for your reading (3 cards for past present future, one card for clairification, several cards in a more extensive timeline) However many you choose, always feel free to ask for clairification on any cards in the reading.

This community is also great for asking advice from your open minded peers. If anyone reads cards of there own and would like to share their experiences and readings, please feel free to contribute.

Brightest wishes!