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Card of the Week

Week o:f 7/24/2011 - 7/30/2011

Deck: The Faeries Oracle

Card: Penelope Dreamweaver

Number: 28

Meaning: Inspiration, magical dreams, Visions
One of the artists (Brian Froud that is) personal inspiration faeries that he has chosen to share with us.  Penelope shows us the light that we hold and inspires us to use it.  Inspiration faeries love what they do but get very bored when people done pay attention. In Penelopes case the dreams that she sends to inspire us may come as a surprise when you recieve a nightmare...this is simply to WAKE YOU UP!!
During the following week it is in your best interests to seek out inspiring visions, sounds, whatever gets your mind going.  The creative spark within you is being awoken by Penelope and she wants nothing more then for you to take advantage of the gift she is giving you. Pay special attention to unsought inspirations at this time, they have so much to offer you.  It is, however, up to you to catch these dreams and make something of them.

Have a happy week!


I apologize for my absence

I seem to have lost track of time.  I will try to get this community back up on its feet.

If you are interested in my business at all Chellas Oracle is now available via Facebook.


Thanks for your time

Card Of The Week

Week of: Jan 3rd - Jan 9th

Deck: The Heart of Faerie Oracle

Number: 15

Card: The Elven Knight

Meaning: Enchantment, Call of Faerie, Leadership
A powerful motivator to move forward as a leader.  In order to be a leader though you must know what you want.  Its important that you take charge and bring others with you, so make this week will be a great weak to figure out exactly what it is that you are wanting.  Don't be afraid to step up once the answer comes to you.


What are different types of divination that you practice or are interested in? 
What got you interested in them?

Hope to read lots of comments :)

Card of the Month

Month of: January 2011

Deck: The Faeries Oracle

Number: 13

Card: Solus

Meaning: What a way to start of the year!! Solus is a beautiful card representing  knowledge, consciousness, synthesis, and spiritual empowerment.  Something new is being brought into our lives with the greatest potential.  This is a great month to concentrate on anything you wish to study.  If you are in school, this semester is off to a great start.  If you are starting a new job its a great time because you are getting a chance to learn something that you can turn into something you love.  Be creative and use what you know and love to create a perfect beginning to whatever you have decided to work on.  Now is a good time to pick up new hobbies and meet new people.  Keep and open mind and keep your eyes and ears ready for anything and everything that might pass your way and you will soon become empowered by everything around you. 

A Reading For 2011

The new year brings with it many uncertainties, hopes, dreams, and possibilities.  Lets take a sneak peak into what 2011 has to offer us.

Deck: The Faeries Oracle

Card 1: The Bright Mother
Number: 16
Meaning: A time of bright beginnings.  No surprise the begining of the year is represented by this beatiful lady.  Creativity  and nurturing or ones self and others becomes very important.  You will enjoy a time of productivity and a deepening of relationships.  Be it marriage, a new child, or something amazing and new in any kind of relationship, you will find intimacy with those around you.  Be grateful for everything and everyone in your life.  You may be surprised if you look closely at just how many blessings you have. 

Card 2: G. Hobyah
Number: 61
Meaning: This card basically represents the boogyman as he apears to each of us in the form of irrational fears.  Many of us create bad situations for ourselves or miss out on amazing opportunities because we allow something that has happened in the past scare us away from trying things we need to try. The hazards we create in our minds are unreal and now is a time to challenge your fears and overcome.  You may take a realistic amount of caution with you on the ride of life, but don't let it rule you.  Sometime around mid-year you will find you are facing many opportunities, some with scary  possible outcomes but also with the possibility of the amazing. Remember not to let the boogyman ruin your chance at the amazing.

Card 3: She of the Cruach 
Number: 5
Meaning: This card is known as a singer, which is a very much like an angel or spirit whose presence indicates a time of great importance and potential.  Should you take the advice of the first two cards and remember the reasons you are so lucky this year and overcome your fears this will be your outcome.  The end of the year will be a time for nurturing and developement.  Be it in a job you have gained, a relationship change, or doing something you have always wanted to do, you are well on your way to acheiving your dreams. You have the chance at unconditional love.  She is a reminder that unbounded love and grace is ours just waiting to be accepted.

The cards together: The year will have ups and downs like any other year but this one in particular if taken up in a loving, nurturing, and hopeful way has the potential to be a magnificent year.  You will have some particularly hard decisions to make but whatever you choose to do will be the right thing, so don't let the shadows of doubt frighten you.  Its a bright future to behold.

Card of the Week

Week: Dec 27th-Jan 2nd

Number: 34

Deck: The Heart of Faerie Oracle

Card: Tink

Meaning: Independence, Freedom of Expression, and Standing your ground

You may find that in the coming week you'll will be standing on your own quite a bit.  This may be in an artistic, political, or any kind of social setting where you stand apart from the crowd.  Your opinion is important and while you should always take time to listen to all points of view, stand up for what you believe in and express yourself the way you feel you should.  Don't let anyone stand in your way this week, and that includes yourself.  Its okay to take risks and put yourself out there.  Most importantly though, have fun.  Remember seriousness can be a curse if you let it get you down. 

Hey All

Sorry for my absense.  My internet wasn't working and I couldnt get on to update anything. 

How is everyone?  Any interesting readings?

Best wishes on this Winter Solstice!!

Card of the Week

So I was thinking it would be nice to do a card of the week with weekly advice from the Faeries.  Feel free to comment on how this card is reflected in your life.

Week of 12/13/10

Deck: The Heart of Faerie Oracle 

Number: 35

Card: Bright Spark

Meaning: Understanding, Illumination, Ideas

Sometimes it is hard to see the path ahead or understand that which is going on around you.  Let the Bright Spark help you understand what may be happening. Trust the light inside yourself to guide the way and look out for those little sparks of light outside of you to give you hints as to the best path to take in situation where the ground isn't so easily seen.


Hi! My name is Chella, I've been reading cards for a little over 10 years now and I am excited to share my experiences with like minded individuals who are seeking answers and also those who would like to learn more about divination.  I would really love for this community to be full of open minded people and invite you to share your experiences and advice about situations without passing judgement on anyone who asks a question. 
I'm really excited to get this community off the ground and I hope you are just as excited to join.

Best wishes!